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How to Use Your Waist Trainer to Improve Workouts

How to Workout With a Waist Trainer

If you’re not seeing the results from your workouts that you think you should be, it could be because you’re not be performing your exercises correctly. Your waist trainer can do a lot more than help you slim your waist line. With your waist trainer, it can be really easy to fix what you’re doing wrong during your workouts!


When you’re deadlifting, it’s very important to keep your back straight and not round or over arch your back as you lift. As you start to deadlift at a heavier weight, keeping your back straight can become more difficult. Wearing your waist trainer can help act as a lifting belt which helps prevent you from straining your back when you’re lifting heavy.


If you’re heavy squatting with a barbell, it can get more difficult to keep your back straight instead of rounding it to help you push the weight back up when you’re getting back to the starting position. Rounding your back can put serious strain on it which could lead to injury. Like with deadlifting, wearing your waist trainer while you squat can help prevent you from rounding your back.


Planking can get exhausting very quickly which can lead you to either round your back or let it sink down toward the ground. In doing so, you’re not only at risk for straining your back, you’re not effectively completing the exercise. Try wearing your waist trainer to help remind you to keep your core tight and your back straight when planking.

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

When you’re doing bent over dumbbell rows, you’ll be bent over at your hips as you raise and lower your dumbbell. It’s really important to keep your back straight and not round your back. Doing so could cause injury. To prevent rounding your back, and in turn preventing injury, wear your waist trainer so that you bend from your hips instead of your back.

Next time you plan on doing any of these exercises, make sure to bring your waist trainer with you. Not only will you be able to have more effective workouts, but you’ll be able to complete them with proper form to help prevent you from injuring yourself. Check out this article for more exercises to do while wearing your waist trainer! Also, make sure to read this article to ensure that you’re ordering the proper size so that you can have a safe and enjoyable waist training experience.

By: Kayla Harwick

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