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4 Reasons to Love Your Thick Thighs

4 Reasons to Love Your Thick Thighs

Every woman is a little more self-conscious about certain areas of their bodies than they’d like to admit. During the warmer months, we hear a lot more about how self-conscious some of us can be about the appearance of our thighs. They’re either too thick, too thin, too dimply, or just simply not good enough. Not good enough for what though? Falling in love with your body, and finding reasons to, can be so difficult.

If you’re struggling to find reasons to love your thighs, I’ve created a short list to get you started. 

Confidence is sexy

It’s not easy to be confident in who you are and how you look all the time, especially as a woman. The media shows us that you’re either too skinny, too thick, or that you have to have “all the right junk in all the right places” (thanks for that one Megan Trainor).   It takes so much strength to be confident in your appearance; that mental strength to be openly confident in yourself is so sexy. As a confident woman, YOU have the strength to define beauty for yourself, that way you’re living by your own standards and nobody else’s.

Built in heaters

When it’s cold out, we’ve all lifted our thighs just enough to slide our frozen hands right beneath them to thaw them out. Our thighs act as built in mittens for us! They’re also great for keeping your tootsies warm if you sit cross legged with your feet tucked into the creases behind your knees.

They’re great cushions

Bike riding or horseback riding can get pretty uncomfortable after a while. Think of your thighs as built in protection to keep your joints and muscles safe from the pain of prolonged exposure to hard bike seats and saddles. I’m sure you can also use your imagination for other things that they would be good cushions for.

They’re strong

You’ve probably never thought about it, but your thighs work hard for you each and every day. They help carry you from one place to another every single day, and they lift and lower you off of and onto whatever you’re sitting down on. They work hard for you, and they deserve some recognition. 

You are beautiful. Your body is beautiful, and you should stand in front of the mirror each day and tell yourself that. You deserve to love yourself.

By: Kayla Harwick

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May 29, 2016 • Posted by Beth L

This would be soooooo wonderful. Thank you soooooooo much. ?

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