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3 Super Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

3 Super Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas

Let’s face it, after a long day of working, you’re already dreading going home to take even more time to cook yourself dinner let alone prepare another meal to take with you for lunch the next day. 

Below are some healthy (and easy to prepare!) lunch ideas.

Mason Jar Salads

These are very easy to prepare, and are so versatile.  Grab a large mason jar along with all of the ingredients you want to include in your salad.  Place all of your firm veggies and toppings at the very bottom (such as broccoli, peppers, beans, etc.), and layer the rest of your ingredients so that the softest (and quickest to wilt) are at the very top. 

There are so many different types of salads you can pack.  For an Asian inspired salad, layer edamame, shredded carrots, your favorite lettuce, and some grilled shrimp or chicken and drizzle with a simple ginger dressing.  For a sweeter twist, try strawberries, mandarin oranges, your favorite greens, and plain grilled chicken drizzled with a poppy seed dressing.

Quinoa or Rice Bowls

Prepare your grain of choice and set it aside.  Grab some fresh veggies to add in (like corn, edamame, black beans, etc.) and pick your protein (like ground turkey, grilled chicken, lean ground beef, etc.) to toss in.

For a southwestern inspired bowl, try ground turkey or lean ground beef cooked with taco seasoning.  Add that, plus avocado, corn, black beans, chopped red onions, and fresh diced tomatoes on top of your rice or quinoa.

Breakfast Burrito

Everyone loves a little breakfast for lunch every once in a while.  In a skillet, scramble egs (or just egg whites) with your favorite omelet toppings.  I personally like spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet onions, and feta cheese mixed in with mine.  Once you have the eggs cooked to your liking, roll them into a warmed flour tortilla.  A fresh fruit salad pairs really well with this on the side.

Healthy lunches to take to work or class don’t have to be a time consuming pain to prepare.  Plan ahead for what you’ll want to prepare each week and make sure you have the ingredients for each on hand to save you from running to the store each day for the right ingredients.

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