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4 Wellness Trends to Adopt in 2018

Wellness Trends for 2018

Get ready for the new wellness of the New Year! 

Some of these tips you may have heard of, as they certainly made an appearance in 2017, but others might be a new thing for you to get excited about. 

Whatever the case, you can and should join the trend:

  1. Hygge – You may have seen or heard this word popping up more and more over the latter part of 2017. It is indeed starting to catch on and if nothing else, more and more people are starting to know what it means.  Hygge is a Danish concept, which essentially translates to the notion of coziness.  It’s not necessarily a lifestyle, or something to learn or a new habit to follow, it’s just a thing to do: be cozy, have cozy surroundings, set up a cozy atmosphere.  It means creating a feeling, sensation, mood or ambience.  It’s the same as the feeling when you are in your house in the middle of winter, with the fire on, a mug of hot tea in your hand, steaming soup cooking on the stove and wrapped up in blankets on the couch as you read your favourite book.  This year, think cozy.
  2. Minimalism – It is perhaps nothing new, but it certainly is still a thing.  Less is more.  This year clean up your space.  Give yourself more room to breathe and be and buy less stuff.  Reduce your materialism, while simultaneously reducing your waste and carbon footprint, and not to mention, reducing the amount of stuff in your home and crowding you in.  You can start with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, choosing a few key pieces that you mix and match to create weekly outfits.  Or if that is too much, simply start by cleaning out your wardrobe and using a new year as a chance to get rid of old things – that you didn’t really wear all of last year at all!
  3. Plants – No longer just important for you to consider adopting a plant based diet, (at least some of the time!), this year, is all about planting plants and letting your houseplants flourish.  Plants help purify the air, improving the air you breathe, and simultaneously have a very calming effect.  Start assembling a houseplant collection and create your little green oasis.  Even if you are in a house with minimal light, succulents and cacti are always options, and any of these will give some fresh life and great green colour to your room.
  4. Vitamin C – Not just to boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick, but now researchers understand the benefits of Vitamin C for better skin health.  And this new trend is really taking off! You may have noticed yourself, an influx of Vitamin C infused products hitting the shelves, designed for your face, and it is with good reason: it promotes collagen production, protects from free radicals, and when combined with any of those classic citrus fragrances, simply smells pretty delicious!

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH –  Viand Nutrition

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