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5 Habits to Change in 2018

5 Habits to Change for a Successful 2018

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Sometimes a new year isn’t about completely starting new things and taking on something you’ve never done before, it’s about simply making changes. 

Making changes to your current routine and habits to make sure they serve you better and to make sure you serve yourself in the best way possible. 

Start with these 5 changes:

  1. Comparing to others – This year, stop comparing yourself to others and seeing what you don’t have or what you can’t be, and instead, see what you have and what you are capable of.  We are all different and unique individuals, who have something to contribute, share and offer.  When you get stuck in the things that you don’t have or that you see as not enough, you don’t spend the time on the things that you do have to offer and what that looks like.  Put your time and energy into cultivating your strengths and skills, not getting caught up in the ones you are lacking.
  2. Complaining to others – You know who they are.  The friends you have who are always complaining, going on about their problems, how they hate their boss at work or how they are so tired (again!).  If this sounds familiar, check in with yourself to make sure you’re not filling that role in the eyes of someone else.  We all have things go wrong in life, or things that are hard, make us tired and make us frustrated.  And while you are of course, entitled to your time to vent, or ask for a little bit of sympathy, chances are your friends and family don’t want that to be the only thing you do with them when you hang out. 
  3. Being sedentary – This one is for you: do yourself a favor this year and commit to exercising at least 4 days per week.  It’s not about the issue of not having time, it’s about whether you commit the time and make it a priority to keep the time commitment.  Treat it like an appointment that you make with yourself and don’t let yourself down.  You are totally worth the time!
  4. Food Shaming – How often do you hear yourself saying “I can’t eat that,” or “this is so bad for me,” as you sink your teeth into a cupcake?  Here’s the thing: these things we say around food are only true because we have made them so, or because we make ourselves believe them.  In reality, if you view cupcakes as just another food you need to eat in moderation, and let yourself have it when you want it, you can start to eliminate these negative, depriving thoughts around what you eat, and doing so will allow you to eat more mindfully and likely be more successful in your weight loss goals. 
  5. Going on a diet – Having the goal to lose weight is a great thing to want to achieve, and often, heading into a new year, it is a great time to start fresh and get on the right track with food and fitness.  But doing that by going on a diet is not the right track.  Going on a diet, as is the plan of many people after January 1, implies that you are embarking on something that is temporary and will have an end date (i.e. when you lose the weight).  But instead of adopting a diet that ends (and then eventually leads you to gain the weight back), you instead need to make a lifestyle change, adopting habits and a routine that is sustainable and will become your new way of living.

By: Laura Peill, RHN, BScH –  Viand Nutrition

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