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5 Waist Training Tips and Tricks

5 Tips and Tricks for Using a Waist Trainer

By: Kayla Harwick

You know what a waist trainer is, it’s hard not to with all of the attention it’s been getting lately. There are many benefits to waist training, and there’s nothing to lose (besides inches off your waist) from trying it out. But before diving into it head first, here are some things you need to know to ensure that you have the best waist training experience possible. 

Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your waist training:

1. Build Your Core First

While using your waist trainer, you need to make sure that you work to strengthen your core. If you do absolutely no exercise or core strength work while you're waist training, according to personal trainer Matt Griffin, your body could begin to rely on the waist trainer for your posture. It’s also important that you continue to work your core while you're not waist training as well.

2. Choose the Right Fit

When choosing your waist trainer, it’s important that you get one that fits properly. If you don’t, you risk either the trainer being too loose and therefore ineffective, or you risk causing yourself bodily harm from it being too tight around your abdomen. To ensure that you get the right size, we recommend that you take the measurements you need (such as weight and waist measurements) first thing in the morning so that your measurements are accurate and unaffected by possible abdominal bloat from eating.

3. How and When Should you Wear Your Waist Trainer?

You need to wear your waist trainer consistently in order to see the results you desire. In order to get yourself in a good routine and to prevent yourself from forgetting to wear your waist trainer, lay it out with the clothes that you’ll wear so that when you get dressed for the day you’ll remember to put it on.

But don’t try to start wearing your waist trainer for a full eight hours right away. Start with baby steps. I recommend beginning for a smaller amount of time, like an hour, and working your way up to longer periods of time. It’s also recommended to wear it when your mind will be occupied with other things, such as housework or running errands, to keep your mind off of the new sensation that the waist trainer will give you to help your body get used to the feeling. You should also make an effort to wear your waist trainer to the gym to increase thermogenic activities

4. How Long Should you Wear Your Waist Trainer?

According to Danielle Prescod of ELLE you should only use a waist trainer for six weeks at a time in order to have a safe and healthy waist training experience. But everybody is different. After her pregnancy, Jessica Elba told Net-a-Porter Magazine that she wore her waist trainer for 3 months. 

5. What Should You Avoid?

Avoid a waist trainer that’s too large or too small. If you get a waist trainer that is too big on you, you won’t get results. Luckily, OMG Original Waist Trainers have various sizing options, so if you get a Medium you can make that medium size smaller or larger! If you get a waist trainer that is too small, you may get results, but at a price. You run the risk of anything from discomfort to labored breathing or worse. Never wear your trainer too tight!

Also avoid very large meals. As most nutritionists will tell you, it’s better to eat more small meals per day than three large ones per day, and that also rings true when waist training. Attempting to eat very large meals will only cause you discomfort as your stomach may expand and push too tightly against your waist trainer.

Now that I've filled your belt, and your brain, with tools that you can use to make your waist training experience productive and enjoyable, grab the waist trainer that’s right for you and get started on your own journey!


Nov 12, 2015 • Posted by Nitanis

Fell in love w this when I tried it on for a try and now im obsessed w it.. I loved how it felt but I hope I win one

Nov 12, 2015 • Posted by Nitanis

I hope I win ??

Nov 12, 2015 • Posted by Nitanis

Tried this on once at a festival it’s felt so nice but sad that I couldn’t buy it.. Would love to try this again

Nov 12, 2015 • Posted by Nitanis

Would love to try this! ?

Nov 11, 2015 • Posted by Ashley

At first I knew really nothing about this waist trainer, but after reading this blog, I know more than what is needed to know about the waist trainer. I hope to win because I want to feel confident when I go out and more importantly show other ladies that there’s hope to get that figure that you’ve always dreamed of having!

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Nov 09, 2015 • Posted by isis

this is amazing i hope can win

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I would love to try this

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