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10 Frugal Ways to Support Your Wellbeing

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Chronicles of Passion & Facebook) 

It’s one thing to keep ourselves healthy by eating right and exercising, but there’s a whole other category to consider when it comes to being at our best: our wellbeing.

There’s a soul inside of us that needs to be fed and nourished by more than just an increased heart rate and all our vitamins. It’s the little thing inside of us that is smiling and happy, or a little down and sad, and the thing inside of us behind all the decisions, life plans and daily adventures.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why you need to take care of it. And the good news is, you can totally do it on the cheap!

Here’s 10 budget friendly ways to support your wellbeing:

1. Buy yourself flowers

Or better yet, go pick them. Not only will they physically brighten your home and make you smile, but the research has shown that the smells emitted by certain flowers can have an endorphin-releasing effect on our body, cheering us up and improving our mood and state of mind.

2. Commit an anonymous act of kindness

There’s nothing like doing something completely unexpected for somebody else to make yourself feel good. Next time you are feeling a little down, pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line, or handwrite a letter and mail it to your best friend. Not only will you improve your own mood, but you will likely brighten somebody else’s day as well.

3. Spend an afternoon getting artsy

Whether you paint, make a craft, or do vision boards and collages, engage your creative mind and get your hands dirty. This creative engagement uses a different part of our brain and can serve to stimulate our senses, motivate us and refresh our brain from what it usually does and what may have become just daily mundane tasks.

4. Hit the great outdoors

Go find the woods, and hike on the trails for a while. Grab your bike, and speed down the wide-open road. Go sit by the ocean and breathe in the fresh, salty air. In whatever way you can, get outside and leave the rest of your world (phones, computer, Facebook etc.) behind. Even if just for an hour, your mind and soul will thank you.

5. Read

Curl up with a good book and pass the afternoon away as you flip through the pages. Don’t set a time limit or a page limit, just read until your heart’s content. Or until you finish the book!

6. Get busy in the kitchen

For this little bit of time, don’t worry about following your healthy diet or getting all your fruits and veggies. Instead, think of the thing you want to eat the most right now and get busy. Whether it’s a 3-layer cake, tacos or cookies, gather all the ingredients and get busy in the kitchen. And then share the finished product with friends. Cooking is good for the soul, and sharing is even better!

7. Drink tea

Boil the water, pour yourself some tea, and just sit and drink it. No other distractions or sounds, just sit in silence and let the tea warm your soul and ease your mind. It may be hard at first, but do it enough and you’ll start looking forward to your teatime!

8. Light a candle and sit and listen to music

Darken the room, remove yourself from distraction, put on your favourite music and let it fill your soul. Whether that means you sit on the couch and listen quietly, or turn the room into a full-blown dance party, music does wonders at healing the soul and improving your wellbeing. Plus, I guarantee that from now on, whenever you hear the same songs again, it will take you back to this moment of just taking time to make your soul happy, and you’ll feel a smile come across your face.

9. Burn incense or essential oils

Smell is very powerful in helping us ground our senses, ease our minds and distress. In fact certain oils are known to have certain effects on the body or be able to help in certain ailments. Do some research into what oils might help you best and keep some handy for whenever you may need them!

10. Give yourself a pep talk, or write a pick me up letter

Whether it’s in the form of simply a positive mantra that you repeat over and over again, or meditate to, or whether you stare at yourself in the mirror for 30 minutes and have a full on pick me up pep talk, the power of positive thinking (and talking) goes a long way. Not that talkative? Write yourself a letter filled with positive vibes and praise and put it in an easily accessible place. Whenever your confidence is shot or you’re feeling down, pull out the letter and read it again to remind yourself of how great you are!


Jan 03, 2016 • Posted by Ms Cheryl A Thyng

It’s nice to know I am doing many of these things already, by instinct.

Nov 17, 2015 • Posted by Miranda

Hopefully kick start my way back to a pre- pregnancy body..woot woot

Nov 15, 2015 • Posted by Hana hassan

I really need to win this! Im a sophmore im college and a victim of the freshman 15. I work out 5 times a week and eat healthy but those last 10 pounds are just nit going away! Help!

Nov 12, 2015 • Posted by Ut

I’ve always wanted to try them but I can’t afford it being a student and all

Nov 11, 2015 • Posted by Aliya

Would love to try a waist trainer

Nov 10, 2015 • Posted by Carol Ballard

I want the waist trainer so bad :-(

Nov 10, 2015 • Posted by Rosa

Omg!!!! I’m just doing this one thing because I am a stay home mom. I would like to win something for once. I need a motivation push. Meaning, I have just had enough today! I got a ticket. I wasn’t even gone for 5 minutes & bang a ticket on my window.
Also, I’ve been needing a waist trainer to get my body back because I’ve been feeling down the road lately. I can really, really, really use the help on this one. I just need an open window. I will forever fallow you beauties :) Thank you.

Nov 09, 2015 • Posted by Kiwifeerst

I’m always looking for new slimming ideas and tools to help look and feel better.

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