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6 Crucial Lower Ab Exercises

6 Crucial Lower Ab Exercises

There’s a reason they call it “stubborn belly fat,” and that’s because it can be really difficult to define and maintain your abdominal muscles, especially your lower abdominal muscles.

If you’re having trouble reaching your body goals, first make sure that you’re eating a fairly clean diet (a good portion of your ab definition is really cooked up in the kitchen), but you also need to have a strategic gym plan. The exercises listed below can be done while using your OMG waist trainer!

Try these 6 crucial lower ab exercises, which are also awesome in improving posture:

Weighted Leg Raises

Strap some ankle weights around your ankles and lay on your back with your legs straight and together. Keeping your upper body flat on the ground, raise both of your legs up until they make a forty five degree angle with the ground, hold for a few seconds, and then lower them back down until they almost touch the floor.

Mason/Russian Twists

These can be done with or without weights. Balance on your butt with your knees bent and feet raised off the floor and your upper body slightly leaned back. The angle between your thighs and your abdomen should be about ninety degrees. Keeping your legs stationary, use your abdominal muscles to twist your body first to the right, then to the left, and then back to the starting position. Repeat. Bonus: These twists also target your obliques.

Vertical Crunches

Lay on your back. Keeping your legs straight and together, put your legs up in the air until they make a ninety degree angle with your abdomen. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and use them to push your butt into the air while still keeping your legs straight and above you. Hold this position for a few seconds and lower your bottom back to the starting position with a slow and controlled motion. 

Good Mornings

I love this exercise so much. Besides targeting your lower abdominal muscles, they also target your glutes and hamstrings. I even feel these in my calves a little bit. Standing with your feet between hip and shoulder width apart, hold a barbell on the back of your shoulders as if you were going to do squats. Keep your back straight and your knees slightly bent (never locked or you can injure yourself) and bend from the hips until your upper body is parallel with the floor. Use a slow controlled motion to bring yourself back to your starting position.

Back Extensions/Hyperextensions

Just like the Good Mornings, this exercise targets your abdominals, glutes, and hamstrings. These can be done with or without weight. I personally like to hold a weight plate against my chest when I’m doing these. Getting on a back extension/hyperextension bench, make sure that the pads you lean against are at your thighs so that you can bend forward without restriction, and make sure your ankles are tucked snugly under the foot pads . Keep your back straight and slowly bend forward and then slowly bring yourself back up to the starting position. You want to make sure that you aren’t rounding your back during this exercise because if you do you can strain your back and injure yourself. 


Start in the position you would be in to do a push-up. Keep your muscles engaged and hold this position for as long as you’re able to. Once you cannot hold the position any longer, rest, and then repeat. Make sure that you’re keeping your back straight and don’t let your lower back and abdomen dip down into the floor. Also, avoid letting your head drop down. Instead, keep your neck aligned with your spine and keep your eyes looking down at your hands. 

It’s very important to keep your abdominal muscles engaged while performing all of these exercises, and if you have a waist trainer, wearing it during these exercises can help you keep your back aligned and your core tight. Make sure to keep a steady breathing pattern during these and all exercises to prevent dizziness or possible fainting. If you’re unsure how to do any of these exercises, YouTube has a lot of great demonstrations for you to reference. Happy ab training!

By: Kayla Harwick


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