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Six Reasons to Workout That Aren't Weight Loss

Reasons to Workout That Aren't Weight Loss

Everybody says you need to exercise if you want to lose weight. And while it’s true, believe it or not, not everyone who exercises is trying to lose weight and budge the bulge. Instead, some people exercise because they like it and because it has way more benefits than just helping you lose weight.

Here’s all the other reasons you should consider adding exercise to your daily routine:

It gives you energy

If you’re used to relying on a cup of coffee and a bakery treat in the afternoon to get you from 2pm to 4:30, instead opt for some lunchtime exercise. Better yet, start your day with exercise and experience the benefits all day long. Studies show that the endorphins release during exercise (aka the “Runner’s High”), act as a stimulant and increase the body’s energy levels. Don’t believe it? Exercise in the evening and then try to go to sleep soon after. Your body is too stimulated for shuteye!

It Builds confidence

There’s nothing like exercising in the morning before work, showing up showered, hair done and in nice clothes, just as everyone else is showing up and hoping the coffee will kick in soon. In your head, you see them and think “I went for a run this morning already, and I still look this good at 8am. What did you do?” When you exercise, it builds confidence in yourself and your abilities that you carry with you throughout the rest of your day and that you will find yourself applying to the rest of your life.

It reduces stress

Remember those endorphins we talked about? They also help reduce your stress levels. And the more opportunities you have to release them, the more your stress will be reduced. Lowered stress levels leads to you being less likely to make poor food choices, having better mood and energy, feeling better about yourself and taking a bigger role in looking after your own wellness.

It keeps your heart healthy  

We forget that at the very base of exercise is working our heart, and causing it to pump more blood, harder and in a shorter amount of time. The heart is a muscle and we have to work it just like the rest if we want it to remain strong and carry us through for all our lovely days. If you exercise for nothing else, just remember that your heart muscle needs a workout every now and then. Do it for the heart. And the faster you can make it beat the better!

It helps prevent you from getting sick

Our bodies have this incredible system inside called the Lymphatic System, which essentially acts as our big clean up crew. It goes throughout our body getting rid of things we don’t want in our cells, blood and tissues, and activating the immune system when any of those things could make you sick. In order for it to move this stuff though, it requires the skeletal muscles to move so that the lymph (all that stuff the lymphatic system is trying to get rid of), can be moved with it. Think of muscle movement as the transport mechanism and the lymph is just hopping on for a ride to get to where it needs to go. If you don’t exercise often and move all your muscles regularly, this lymph won’t move as efficiently, leading to sickness and immune dysfunction.

It helps your skin

There’s nothing like a good sweat session to clean our your pores and release toxins from your skin. Toxins and built up bacteria in the pores are what can cause breakouts or those ever inconvenient behemoth pimples that just appear on your face.   Not to mention regular sweating also keeps our skin hydrated, which stops it from drying out and going flaky. No flakes, no pimples, just clean, clear, smooth skin.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Chronicles of Passion & Facebook) 


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