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How to Stay Fit During The Holidays

How to Stay Fit During The Holidays

Let’s face it, it’s really easy to get off track during the holiday season. You’re surrounded by yummy foods and calorie filled cocktails, and you may be out of town and away from your regular gym while you’re visiting relatives.

Instead of getting off track and excusing it by telling yourself you’ll get back on track for your New Year’s Resolution, here are some ways to keep you on track during the holidays.

Find a Gym

Look up gyms in the area that you’ll be in and see which one would be the easiest for you to get to. Call them and ask how you would go about getting a temporary pass just to last you for as long as you’ll be in town. Here are some great exercise tips to use while waist training.

Home Workout Plan

If for some reason you’re unable to make it to a gym where you’ll be staying, make an exercise plan that can be done wherever you’re staying. Pack resistance bands and some form of weights (weight plates, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc.) and plan exercises with that equipment that would replace the exercises you’d typically do at your gym. For example, if you usually squat with a barbell, squat with the weights that you bring instead. 

Portion Control

It’s very easy to overdo it when it comes to holiday meals. You’re surrounded by so many tempting meats and casseroles, and don’t even get me started on those decadent desserts! You can still enjoy all of these, but the key is portion control. Try to fill half of your plate with veggies, and split the other half of your plate between proteins and starches. Not only do you need to control the portions, but you need to control what you’re portioning. Make sure that your plate has as many different colored veggies as possible. Scope out the different preparations of casseroles too; just because they contain veggies doesn’t mean that they’re healthy! If there seems to be a casserole that is packed with cheese or is super creamy, it’s not packing the nutritional punch you think it will, so try for a casserole that has more veggies and less trimmings. If there are multiple desserts that you want to try, grab a buddy and take a few small desserts and split them up into small portions so that you can still have a taste of them without feeling guilty for overindulging. Here's a list of foods to avoid while waist training.


This is especially important when it comes to those festive cocktails at the holiday parties you’ll be attending. Try swapping a sugary drink packed with calories with something a little bit healthier. Instead of grabbing a fruity (and sugary) daiquiri, opt for a skinny cosmopolitan made with cranberry juice (not cranberry juice cocktail) so that you still get that fruity taste without all of the calories, or try a clear liquor (like a flavored Vodka) with a club soda so that you still get plenty of flavor for a fraction of the sugar and calories.

Get Some Sleep

It’s a lot of fun to stay out and go to as many holiday parties as you can, and you may think that skipping out on some sleep is okay as long as your eating and exercise habits are in check, but it’s not good for you. Lack of sleep can not only give you the attitude of a humbug, it can lead to an increase in your cortisol levels which promotes belly fat, and increases your cravings for junk food.

Make sure that you bring your  wherever your travels take you. Not only will they help you during your workouts, but they’ll help you avoid overeating and keep you up on your portion control.

So go and get your celebration on! Just make sure you’re doing so responsibly and are still taking care of your body so that you don’t regret your holiday choices after the parties end.

By: Kayla Harwick


Nov 19, 2015 • Posted by Staci

Thanks these are wonderful and very helpful tips! What would I do without your articles?

Nov 18, 2015 • Posted by Melinda smith

I read it. I’m impressed with the exercises shown. I will copy them for my reference. Thank you.

Nov 18, 2015 • Posted by lourdes gomez

cant wait to try it

Nov 17, 2015 • Posted by Wanda fuller

Lots of great pointers thanks

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