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9 Foods to Keep You Healthy Over the Holidays

9 Foods to Keep You Healthy Over the Holidays

It’s inevitable that the holidays will bring their fair share of treats and chocolate, some indulgent desserts and lots of lovely drinks with friends and co-workers. It's hard to stay fit during the holidays. But just because it's a time for holiday foods, doesn't mean you have to throw all your healthy habits out the window.

Set yourself up for healthy, holiday success by stocking your fridge and pantry with these items:


Between the holiday parties, drinks with friends that are home for the holidays and the inevitable glass of stress relief wine, it tends to be a busy time for alcohol consumption. Get your bubbly fix with Kombucha instead! It's still carbonated and tasty, but much lower in calories and an excellent source of probiotics. Plus, buy the ginger or lemon kind and your friends will just think you are drinking champagne!

Matcha tea

Late nights shopping, at the office party and finishing up the gift wrapping will likely leave you a bit worse for wear the day after and result in you reaching for a caffeine pick me up. Skip the coffee and swap it out with matcha tea instead - it's loaded with antioxidants and the jolt of energy is just as good as caffeine without the negative side effects!

Make some snacks

With all the cookies and treats, and grandma’s annual fruitcake, it's easy to reach for these mindlessly whenever you are hungry (or when you see them on the counter). Instead, pre make some healthy snacks to have on hand for when hunger calls! Things such as banana bread, energy bites, and muffins are all great options!

Fresh chopped, raw veggies

Stock the fridge with raw veggies that are cut up and ready to go. Not only will they be good for a snack, but they're a great health option to take to an impromptu holiday gathering, and when they're all ready, you'll be more likely to incorporate them into a healthy dinner as well!

Sweet Potato

Holiday dinners are synonymous with mashed potato. Lots and lots of mashed potato. Instead, swap this out with sweet potato – it’s more nutrient dense and less starchy. Plus the leftovers make great breads, muffins and bars!

Dark Chocolate

We all want to have chocolate over the holidays – they just go hand in hand. Make it a healthier choice by selecting dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa), preferably organic and made from all natural ingredients. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants and is perfect for savouring after dinner for a little bit of a sweet treat!


While every one else is dipping their crackers into fatty, mayonnaise based dips at the party, enjoy yours with some hummus! Keep some at home for another healthy snack option, but better yet, bring hummus and veggies to your holiday potluck so you can have a healthy option to enjoy!

Coconut Oil

This stuff is great for any time of year, but around the holidays have coconut oil on hand to substitute for butter in baking, and to rub on your dried out winter skin.

Greens Powder

Some days just won’t be awesome in terms of your eating habits, and that’s totally fine! It’s the holidays after all, so enjoy yourself and have some treats (just not too many!). For those days though, make a point to have a glass of water with a scoop of greens powder. The boost of nutrients and energy will be good for both in the moment and in helping to detox out all the unhealthy foods you may have consumed.

By: Laura Peill – (Check out her blog Chronicles of Passion & Facebook)  

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