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OMG Waist Trainer Review: Week 1

After hearing so many celebs raving about their waist trainers, I was dying to try it out for myself. I wanted to experience everything and write about my journey so that anybody who was considering trying out waist training could read about what using an OMG Waist Trainer is like.

Read on to see how my first week of waist training went: 

Day One:

I wore the trainer for about two and a half hours on my first day. As soon as I put it on I noticed a difference in my body besides just having the appearance of my curves enhanced. I was standing up straighter, my back felt really supported, and I felt a lot more confident (dare I say I even felt sexy?) when I had it on. It was definitely a change to get used to, it is snugger than just wearing your everyday clothes, but because I measured myself and got the appropriate size, wearing the waist trainer wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. I didn’t wear it while eating at all today because I wanted to give my body a chance to get used to it without any added factors like belly expansion during meals. 

Day Two:

It seemed easier for me to put on the waist trainer this time around which I’m assuming is because I figured out an easy way to zip myself in the morning before. Today was my first day wearing the trainer outside of my apartment. Unlike yesterday, today I wore it underneath my clothes and it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. The soft lining on the inside of the waist trainer felt comfortable against my skin and I was really pleasantly surprised how little time it took until I didn’t even realize I was wearing it. I did have it on while eating, but I only had a small snack during the point at which I was wearing it because again, I want to give my body ample time to gradually get used to functioning normally while wearing it.

Day Three:

Today I switched things up and wore the waist trainer during the latter part of my day instead of during the first part of my day. When I came home I found myself looking forward to putting it on, but before I did I made sure to complete my ab workout because I haven’t yet tried working out in my waist trainer and wanted to make sure that when I did, I would first start with exercises that generally don’t involve bending, that way my body could slowly get used to exercising with a waist trainer.

Day Four:

When I woke up today I was feeling under the weather, and my stomach was hurting a little bit, so I hesitated to wear the waist trainer. I thought about it and decided to try wearing it anyway because in the worst case scenario it would just feel uncomfortable and I would take it off. I’m really glad that I did decide to put it on because the gentle pressure that the waist trainer kept on my abdomen really comforted me. I also decided to eat my meals today while wearing the waist trainer and it went really well. I didn’t experience any discomfort while eating, but I’m not sure yet whether or not that’s because my meals were smaller and simpler since I was sick.

Day Five:

I waited until after breakfast to put on my waist trainer. I wore it around my apartment as I did small chores, and to my delight figured out that my waist trainer bends with me! Up until this point I had been carefully moving about with strained motions because I was afraid that trying to bend while wearing the waist trainer might damage it. Today I wasn’t giving as much care to trying to keep my back ramrod straight, and when I bent down to grab a few things and felt the waist trainer bend with me without causing me a lot of discomfort, I almost jumped for joy! It was great to know that I didn’t have to continue trying to move as though I was wearing unyielding armor.

Day Six:

I took a nap in my waist trainer, and this was the first time I slept in it. It wasn’t uncomfortable, and I was still able to sleep in the same position that I usually do. I ate a regular sized meal for the first time while wearing my waist trainer today (since the only other meals were smaller than normal due to being sick) and I noticed that while eating dinner, the waist trainer’s gentle pressure on my abdomen reminded me not to overeat, and instead I was able to save the rest of my dinner for another time. 

Day Seven:

I had the waist trainer on for the longest I’ve had it on yet. I intended to only have it on for eight hours, but I ended up having it on for about ten hours as my day was busy and I lost track of time. I ran a lot of errands while wearing it, and even endured a three hour long car ride with my waist trainer on. After a while I completely forgot that I even had it on. Usually during extended car rides my back gets stiff and sore, probably because after a while I stop paying attention to the quality of my posture, but my back didn’t hurt at the end of the car ride. I’ve noticed this entire week that my usual back pain was decreased by a great deal and even after taking the waist trainer off I found myself sitting up straighter.

Summary of my Experience Waist Training

I would encourage you all to try waist training as long as you are already leading a healthy lifestyle and consult a physician to address any possible health concerns that would prevent you from safely waist training. Stay tuned for things that I’ve learned to help you easily adjust to wearing a waist trainer on a daily basis!

By: Kayla Harwick


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May 31, 2016 • Posted by jennifer

hi i have been trying to get a hold of you for over a week now. can someone there please message me back asap. i really need to send back my trainer for a bigger size.

May 23, 2016 • Posted by Sheila Farley

Does this waist trainer only come in black?

Jan 04, 2016 • Posted by Alicia Johnson

I would love to try the OMG Waste Trainer to help with my posture, back problems and my flabby stomach weight and hip problems since I had surgery in March/2016 to remove my left ovary and a 12cm tumour I gained severe weight which was also associated with my pituitary gland tumour that severely affected my hormones and other areas that caused me to gain severe weight in less then a year, almost 100 pounds. It’s awful. I’m wanting to change my eating habits, start with light work outs and waste training as I can’t go too crazy until my pituitary gland tumour is either removed or “shrunk”

Dec 28, 2015 • Posted by johanny Martinez

Omg I would love this to start my diet in the new year

Dec 28, 2015 • Posted by Angela Poplar

Sounds like something I would benefit from! I’m pretty tall so I’m sure good posture traing would be beneficial, and I have some baby belly that could really get told what to do! I do psw work (16 years) and this is one more great reason-to save my back! Fingers crossed!

Dec 26, 2015 • Posted by Melissa Cahoon

Love a chance to try this maybe it would make feel confident about my waste I just had a baby 10 months ago

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