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6 Ways to Work With a Gym Buddy

6 Ways to Work With a Gym Buddy

Having a gym buddy can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and push you closer to reaching your goals.

If you go about building your relationship with your gym buddy the right way, you can have a really positive experience that can further your progress in the gym. 

Picking Your Fitness Pal

This may seem obvious, but you need to be able to get along with the person and feel very comfortable around them. You’ll be spending a lot of time with this person and should be able to tolerate being around them, not to mention you’ll be seeing each other get sweaty and smelly, so having that comfort level is a must. If you don’t get along or don’t have that level of comfort, you’ll look at each upcoming workout session with a sense of dread, leading to a negative gym experience and slower or no progress.

Motivate Each Other

We all have days where we dread going to the gym and seriously contemplate skipping our workout so that we can just go home and binge watch Netflix in our underwear. Trust me. I’ve been there. It’s important though that you and your gym buddy are there to motivate each other and not let a bs excuse keep you from getting in the workout you know you have no real reason to skip.

Look Out for One Another

Just as it’s important that you and your gym buddy motivate each other and not let the other make silly excuses to skip the gym, it’s extremely important to recognize when the gym actually should be skipped. Rest days are extremely important in order to let your muscles recover and to prevent injury by overworking them. If you notice that your fitness pal may be injured or are overworked and on their way to an injury, chat with them and let them know that they should sit this one out and give their body the rest it needs. You and the gym will still be there for them when they’re recuperated.

Set Similar Goals

You don’t have to be after the exact same thing, but your goals should be similar. If your goal is to get in shape for a bikini or figure competition and your gym buddy only wants to focus on being able to run a mile in a shorter period of time, your gym time won’t be well spent for either of you because you’ll be focusing more on balancing lifting with cardio while they will be focusing solely on stretching and cardio.

Stay Positive

Having Debby Downer as your gym partner won’t work out, so don’t choose someone that you know will emotionally bring you down. It’s hard enough to stay motivated to finish your grueling workout when you’re by yourself struggling through, so you aren’t going to want to exercise with someone who will constantly whine or look forward to any excuse to end the workout early.

Get Competitive

I don’t mean set contests with your workout buddy; compete with yourself! It’s no secret that we tend to push ourselves harder and exercise longer when we’re working out with someone as opposed to working out alone. Use this to your advantage. Each week have a goal in mind that improves your performance since the previous week, and ask your gym partner to help hold you to the standard you set for each week.

As long as you and your gym buddy effectively communicate what you want and need in order to maintain a positive and productive gym environment, having a gym buddy can really elevate your workout experience.

By: Kayla Harwick

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