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My 3 Favorite Things About Waist Training

My 3 Favorite Things About Waist Training

I’ve been waist training for a handful of weeks now, and you’ve already read so much about it.

You’ve read about my first week of waist training, the best way to eat while wearing your waist trainer, and how to work out while wearing your waist trainer, but I haven’t gotten the chance to tell you my favorite things about waist training. Read on to find out what I think are the best parts about waist training.

My New Wardrobe

Okay, so I didn’t really get a new wardrobe (sad I know), but sometimes it feels like I did! When I have the waist trainer on, all of my clothes look so different than when I’m not wearing it. My shirts look so much smoother, and my waistline is accentuated which I absolutely love. Putting on my waist trainer gives me an extra boost of confidence each day. It looks so great when you’re wearing a fun dress like I did to celebrate New Year’s Eve! 

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Extra Heat

I really love wearing my waist trainer to the gym. It helps me keep my form in check by reminding me not to round my back during certain exercises.

My favorite time to have my waist trainer on at the gym is when I’m doing cardio. I can feel the added heat generated in my core and it really helps me feel like my workout session is more effective. 

Posture Check

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I have the absolute worst posture in the world. When I’m caught up doing work, studying, or writing articles, I’m not always as focused on my posture as I should be and that comes back to bite me. I usually have a lot of lower back pain by the end of the day, but I’ve noticed that since wearing my waist trainer I don’t have as much of that back pain. The waist trainer makes it more difficult for me to slouch and provides a constant reminder for me to monitor my posture.

You shouldn’t just take my word for it though. Go check out our sizing chart to figure out what size waist trainer you should order, and find out your own favorite things about waist training!

By: Kayla Harwick


Apr 25, 2016 • Posted by Juan Mrad


I love the way you have explained your ideas to make strong body and slim waist. Exercises give the greatest results along with what food we put in our body.

Even women must take care of their body regularly as they have a major influence on the overall health of all the members in a family.

Take Care!!


Apr 20, 2016 • Posted by Donna Delgado

Great Post…


I totally agree with this, waist trainer gives an extra boost of confidence each day. It looks so great when you are wearing any party wear dress and that exactly suits on you. I recently bought my waist cincher at and found to be very useful for me.

Thanks for sharing…

Mar 31, 2016 • Posted by Brian Kiriba

Hey Kayla

Its a great post and you have explained the things very decently.

I really like the picture and also inspired me from your wordings.

Recently, my wife bought waist cincher from, so that she can wear it and try to manage her weight but after she didn’t wear it.

But, after reading this post, i feel very motivated and I will make sure that she will start wearing my waist trainer to the gym.

Thanks and want to read more such blogs :-)

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