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4 Exercises to Make Your Breasts Perky

4 Exercises to Make Your Breasts Perky

It’s kind of hard to miss the advertisements we get bombarded with for anti-aging creams, masks, gels, treatments, and surgery options to keep our bodies young.

Ladies, it’s no secret that our bodies change over time, and our breasts are no different.

If you’re worried about keeping your girls perky, there are exercises you can do to work your pectoral muscles to help with that. 

Here are 4 exercises that will help make (and keep) your boobs perky: 

1. Chest Presses

Grab two dumbbells, one in each hand, and lie down on your back on a bench. Hold the dumbbells above you shoulder width apart with your palms facing away from you. Your arms should be bent at a ninety degree angle. Breathing out, press the dumbbells up until your arms straighten. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

2. Dumbbell Flyes

Like you did for the chest presses, lie on your back on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the dumbbells in front of you shoulder width apart, but this time with your palms facing in toward one another. Raise the dumbbells up as you would if you were doing a chest press, but before you completely straighten your arms, hold that position. That is your starting position. Keep your elbows slightly bent in order to prevent stress at your biceps tendon. Lower each arm out to the side as shown below in’s photo, keeping your arms stationary as the movement is only occurring at your shoulder joint. Return back to the starting position.

3. Push-Ups

Get into the starting position. Your hands should be flat on the floor slightly shoulder width apart, and your arms should be straight with your shoulders over your hands. Your feet should be back behind you with your legs straight and your knees off of the floor. Make sure that your body forms a straight line and your back isn’t rounded and your abdomen isn’t sinking down toward the floor. With slow controlled motions, lower yourself down toward the floor by bending your elbows until your body is almost touching the floor. Push your body back up into the starting position.

4. Chest Dips

These are a variation of triceps dips. You do need access to parallel bars for this exercise, or you can use the assisted dip machine with or without the assistance. Get into starting position by holding your body up at arm’s length above the bars. Inhale and slowly lower yourself with your elbows slightly flared out and your torso leaning forward to activate your chest muscles. Lower yourself until you feel a stretch (not pain) in your chest. Bring yourself back up to the starting position.

We can’t stop ourselves from aging, and we can’t completely stop all of the changes that are bound to occur as we get older. What we can do is take steps to help us feel and look like we’re aging more gracefully. So ladies, don’t worry about aging. As long as you feel confident in whatever you’re doing with your body, that’s what matters.

By: Kayla Harwick


Mar 20, 2017 • Posted by Mayra Servellon

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Mar 19, 2016 • Posted by Kristie Wheeler


Mar 16, 2016 • Posted by Rose Marie Bailey

My boobs are still perky but I’ll be 42 in Aug and I need to start before the sagging starts lol FINGERS CROSSED TO WIN Yahhhh

Mar 16, 2016 • Posted by Rose Marie Bailey

My boobs are still perky but I’ll be 42 in Aug and I need to start before the sagging starts lol FINGERS CROSSED TO WIN Yahhhh

Mar 12, 2016 • Posted by Anita Autry

I really need perky boobs! I’d love to win this make up, between my daughter, myself AND my granddaughter using it (lol, she’s 5), we need tons!

Mar 11, 2016 • Posted by Ma elena roan

Goodluck to us..;)

Mar 09, 2016 • Posted by Sylvia Cannon

Love Mac cosmetics

Mar 04, 2016 • Posted by Paulaa :)

Love this article. Very helpful to know all of this! :) I should try and add this in my routine too

Mar 04, 2016 • Posted by Ashley M

I would like to just say that this website has caught me off guard at how well rounded and approachable the informational pieces are. You sell a good quality product, many good reviews, and you also have pieced together other parts to consider. I mean in this article, it is complete in my eyes. Maybe because of how simple and yet powerful it shows. Here are the excesies, with breathing info, straight forward descriptions of how to do the work outs, there are plenty of different types that are considered. But it doesn’t come off as if the author is considering anything, just an understanding of woman’s nature. Thanks for just laying it out. It gives your website appeal with out jamming it with too much trend.
Oh and I mentioned you guys on pintrest, I see you all are not involved with their social media outlets.

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