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5 Unappreciated Workout Tools (Like kitchen towels)


5 Unappreciated Workout Tools

It’s easy to think that without a gym membership, fancy equipment or an unlimited pass to all your local fitness studios offering daily boot camps that it’s hard to get into shape.


That definition you’re after, and those weight loss goals don’t have to come at the price of a membership or commitment to anywhere except your own calendar and an investment of $10 or less.

Here are 5 options for how you can get a great workout from the comfort of your home, with little to no equipment:


How to Eat Out While Waist Training

How to Eat Out While Waist Training

Going out to eat while trying to stay healthy can seem a little bit intimidating. You don’t know how the chef is preparing everything, what ingredients they’re using, how much of the ingredients they’re using, and so much more.

I’ve composed a little guide for you that might make eating out a little bit less nerve wracking for you.


How to Use Your Waist Trainer to Improve Workouts

How to Workout With a Waist Trainer

If you’re not seeing the results from your workouts that you think you should be, it could be because you’re not be performing your exercises correctly. Your waist trainer can do a lot more than help you slim your waist line. With your waist trainer, it can be really easy to fix what you’re doing wrong during your workouts!


How to Workout Your Back While Wearing a Waist Trainer

How to Workout Your Back While Wearing a Waist Trainer

Warmer weather means busting out your favorite crop tops and backless sun dresses!

Your tummy isn’t the only thing on display when you’re wearing a crop top; your back is showing too, especially in those backless dresses!

Here are some exercises that you can do to tone your back, and you can even do them while wearing your waist trainer!


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